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so yea, you can find me on like, most recent, and oc the meta meta mateverse verse verse


So there are plenty of articles about that Oxfam stat right now, the first report by a journalist that was on extasy > describes the second richest guy in the world as a philantropist *caughs* (no offense Bill), second one quotes Oxfam of which representative had just smoked a blunt+5 bongs just before suggesting to the *davos dudes* to “counter the growing tide of inequality”, then a few swiss finance people on CC really believe that the world will count 11 TRILLIONAIRES IN 2013 SOMETHING, THEN 1/ Bill wont give out teh money 2/ Govs wont take action 3/ Trillionnaire heir will build boat that works out of recycled dolphin energy 4/ Iphone 6 should be released around may 2014

One of the first 3, but definitely today’s largest online cyberpunk city, gracing the name of the experimental art platform that is Hangars Liquides of which I have been the visual artist since almost 13 years. Unlike a game, the artists can shoot and go anywhere around, which means beyond borders, where no one should go/see. I was both shocked and pleased to see a video artist chose such a piece of orchestral music to go with the city. I consider the city a creature in itself and I think it deserves to be graced by neverending beauty just in the name of the people that live their second life in the city, the ones that bring life to data, the ones that talk to artificial intelligence bots about their problems and that can find shelter in zeros and ones. The same people that will give death to post modernism through their love for beauty and by their spirituality through dematerialized digital art.
Hangars Liquides is also the proud digital neighbor of China that hosts the RL China Art Academy, New Media online classes and of Cell that is home of lisper cell. Eternal thanx and love for you guys.
Video from NicoleX.
To all HL fans you keep me going strong.

Following a discussion I had with my (best) friend (is a coder) today, I would like to highlight an important distinction that is to consider in between art and design.

Anyone that has studied some art history will be familiar with the Bauhaus movement. Bauhaus is a famous german school that highlighted and improved(?) the relation in between art and design. By doing so, Bauhaus inevitably took a major turn towards architecture, establising the bases of what contemporary architecture is today. In this school and per class, you would typically find two tutors, one that would be a “form master” an artist, and one that would be a “craft master” or “artisan” a designer. Student would then learn how to (try to) be able to mix art and design in a same work. Making a “practicable” object look better in spite of the obligations a practicable design implies for achieving everyday things such as taking a shower.

Bauhaus is one of the many movements that took place during the 20th century, “one of the many”. While I do enjoy Bauhaus I am much more attracted to other movements from dada to conceptual contemporary art.

Now coming to my main work in this virtual world, the Hangars Liquides simulators. Hangars liquides is not a design, it’s an art work of which practicability revolves around metaphysics.
What is art practicability? It’s the obscur path leading to your subconscious, a path that is way harder to walk on then a simple sidewalk.The path that I like to use in order to deliver the necessary messages I put into my art.

I don’t design walkways, I create metaphysical paths. I don’t design towers, I raise erections. I don’t design street lights, I bring hope. I don’t design telemetric cables, I give veins to a monster.

hangars liquides simulators

When I was a 6 years old kid there was this         atari 800 xl       at home and it could do very fun things. But in order to play games or draw on the screen I had this book       Basic programs book       filled with Basic programs to type into the computer. The screen was looking something like this

Basic programs

Basic programs

. And Lord yes Ive been a patient 6 years old! Going through the trauma of writing these lines everyday! Eventualy enter the RUN command and play my damn games. In the end I started to understand the lines better and discovered things like the variables fun…

And man man man…If I knew someone who could write this all instead of me, he/she would have been my best friend.

My “programing” adventures stopped when a new computer arrived at home. A PC1512 coming with a graphic application where I could draw silly things (mainly nude people) with the mouse and hit the “erase all” button as soon as I could hear someone was coming near by heheheheeee.

Now Im a computer graphic artist, good lord I never write programs anymore and anyways my best friend is a coder!!

About to start day 23. Not much artifacts copy paste allowed, no texture repetition allowed, I don’t want the walls of the hotel rooms to look like the walls from the squats ..well it just makes sense but I wish I could be a magician and click to rez a new magic texture.Everything has to look un-regular so you just don’t rez another wall next to a previous wall and align it. Conclusion building a post apoc city really isn’t the same technical job as Anything else. Amazed by the prim count too Oo this is just unreal Ive been able to keep it LOOOOOW, Thinis is about “quality beats the **** out of quantity” too. well its the morning here and I now may start my day building.

Well, day 13 today, 15 days remaining to finish Thinis.
Building wise is about getting organized with a chaotic environment with the inhability to put an end to actual chaos. Moody wise listening to heavily dark music non stop.
It would be very hard to work with non sculpted prims in there, oh the joy of making everything from scratch = control = lag KickBan also = original content which is important to encourage.
carcass of a human made dinosaur//some parts of the metal could still be hot//ashes are covering the ground//
oh and we need a 2048x-y-z huge prim in the future thanx 🙂

Thinis is produced by Silua Mills

website, RP information, join the crew :

The very eerie machinima by artist ColeMarie Soleil at Thinis :

cheers to everyone really big up! back to building

it’s 4.18am and before I go to smoke this cigarette Id like to send something in there.
Something about crocodiles.
I have like, blogs everywhere and I don’t even use ’em anymore.

web2.0 and its very organized things is BORING.

let anarchy be, blog wherever the fuck you want to blog, be it a comment here or a comment on the whitehouse website yeah blog on this one to write about the latest trends in whatyouwant, nonono…trends…nonono

I mean, fuck an adress, fuck a .com

be free

plog it? mlog, jlog, glog, flog

Flog could be pretty because it contains sexual terms in it, yeah the F stands for fuck of course.

would you fuck a log?

blog, bullshit yeah of course

I’ve been commissioned to build the Shadowrun simulator. I have just finished the 10th day of work, the city is full size, takes about 9 sim with a new background I did with the picture of a previous city I did for HL before and…megaprims that I used like never before, considering they are outside sim limits..a never seen background really..4 days left to finish with details all over..sleep..