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When I was a 6 years old kid there was this         atari 800 xl       at home and it could do very fun things. But in order to play games or draw on the screen I had this book       Basic programs book       filled with Basic programs to type into the computer. The screen was looking something like this

Basic programs

Basic programs

. And Lord yes Ive been a patient 6 years old! Going through the trauma of writing these lines everyday! Eventualy enter the RUN command and play my damn games. In the end I started to understand the lines better and discovered things like the variables fun…

And man man man…If I knew someone who could write this all instead of me, he/she would have been my best friend.

My “programing” adventures stopped when a new computer arrived at home. A PC1512 coming with a graphic application where I could draw silly things (mainly nude people) with the mouse and hit the “erase all” button as soon as I could hear someone was coming near by heheheheeee.

Now Im a computer graphic artist, good lord I never write programs anymore and anyways my best friend is a coder!!


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