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Following a discussion I had with my (best) friend (is a coder) today, I would like to highlight an important distinction that is to consider in between art and design.

Anyone that has studied some art history will be familiar with the Bauhaus movement. Bauhaus is a famous german school that highlighted and improved(?) the relation in between art and design. By doing so, Bauhaus inevitably took a major turn towards architecture, establising the bases of what contemporary architecture is today. In this school and per class, you would typically find two tutors, one that would be a “form master” an artist, and one that would be a “craft master” or “artisan” a designer. Student would then learn how to (try to) be able to mix art and design in a same work. Making a “practicable” object look better in spite of the obligations a practicable design implies for achieving everyday things such as taking a shower.

Bauhaus is one of the many movements that took place during the 20th century, “one of the many”. While I do enjoy Bauhaus I am much more attracted to other movements from dada to conceptual contemporary art.

Now coming to my main work in this virtual world, the Hangars Liquides simulators. Hangars liquides is not a design, it’s an art work of which practicability revolves around metaphysics.
What is art practicability? It’s the obscur path leading to your subconscious, a path that is way harder to walk on then a simple sidewalk.The path that I like to use in order to deliver the necessary messages I put into my art.

I don’t design walkways, I create metaphysical paths. I don’t design towers, I raise erections. I don’t design street lights, I bring hope. I don’t design telemetric cables, I give veins to a monster.

hangars liquides simulators


You thought there was nothing with more power then the law?
In fact there is something, which is known by every good law expert, this thing is called a principle of law.
The easiest example to define what is a principle of law is about starvation.
One has the right to not let him/herself die. If you find yourself out of food and about to die, by principle of law, you can steal food and a court should consider that you did this to avoid your own death and you should not be punished.
I came to think about principle of laws because I think a lot about the notion of a “private copy”, that anyone should be able to get a private copy of any cultural item, considering the social circumstances surrounding culture nowadays.

-An oligarchist culture-

The music industry for instance. You can bring together all the majors , take their productions all together, the independant music labels are in fact the biggest music production platform worldwide. Still, people don’t get to hear about it, because the independant scene doesn’t have enough marketing budgets behind.
With a marketing budget you will advertise on youtube, on yahoo – I just came to think about google, it’s funny because they don’t advertise for anything on their homepage, and it’s Google, period – . So with a marketing budget you are going to buy ads on yahoo and then because you give them money they will find a reporter to write about you and say enthusiast things, this is an exchange, this is fake journalism. This also happens in your magazines that you think are so underground, independant record labels know about this, you got to pay your ad to get an article. FAKE JOURNALISM FAKE INFORMATION, on your TV, on your webpages, on your newspapers.

So yes, apparently if you follow all these links that are all making you end up on only 3 different artists, yes this gives the impression of a dying culture, really. Focusing on only a few cultural items will make people automaticaly starve for fresh and new things. Focus on diversity, think about biodiversity, our culture is like all other cultures, it is diverse. Don’t lie about this only because you fear people might not like this or that, people are open and want to access a very broad culture. Majors are not intelligent enough anymore but rich enough only to brainwash people with advertising, making them sick and starving for new things.


Fake journalism/information, brainwashing sessions on all media touching everyone with the same content all over the planet. You got people to be disgusted at first then you got them to starve.
It got to the point where they just needeed to grab culture without paying for it, because all of a sudden they realised they were surrounded by it, why would they let their brain die, why would they let themselves be brainwhashed to death?
Our system has created a way to make people suffer from cultural starvation, hence people developped the reflex to intellectualy survive.

I understand the notion of a private copy (I don’t get the whole concept yet, Id need to think about moral rights at first and believe me this is a tricky subject). People don’t want to be thieves, most of them would like to be considered as respectable persons. They just need to survive, with food at first, but humans need culture, this is one of the things that differenciates us from most other species, we need to survive intellectualy too, by principle, and it is a right to get to educate yourself, education is culture. Don’t let the culture die.

NB: I actualy create all of my work that is available¬† on the web or the grid from scratch. But it’s been a while that I think about this, coming from an independant music label..I had to face moral right issues long even before you started to know what rezzing a prim was lol but I will make other posts on this subject. cheers