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Following a discussion I had with my (best) friend (is a coder) today, I would like to highlight an important distinction that is to consider in between art and design.

Anyone that has studied some art history will be familiar with the Bauhaus movement. Bauhaus is a famous german school that highlighted and improved(?) the relation in between art and design. By doing so, Bauhaus inevitably took a major turn towards architecture, establising the bases of what contemporary architecture is today. In this school and per class, you would typically find two tutors, one that would be a “form master” an artist, and one that would be a “craft master” or “artisan” a designer. Student would then learn how to (try to) be able to mix art and design in a same work. Making a “practicable” object look better in spite of the obligations a practicable design implies for achieving everyday things such as taking a shower.

Bauhaus is one of the many movements that took place during the 20th century, “one of the many”. While I do enjoy Bauhaus I am much more attracted to other movements from dada to conceptual contemporary art.

Now coming to my main work in this virtual world, the Hangars Liquides simulators. Hangars liquides is not a design, it’s an art work of which practicability revolves around metaphysics.
What is art practicability? It’s the obscur path leading to your subconscious, a path that is way harder to walk on then a simple sidewalk.The path that I like to use in order to deliver the necessary messages I put into my art.

I don’t design walkways, I create metaphysical paths. I don’t design towers, I raise erections. I don’t design street lights, I bring hope. I don’t design telemetric cables, I give veins to a monster.

hangars liquides simulators


Taking my camera for an afternoon walk, will capture future textures around the old town and the industrial part of Toulon.
Im spending a lot of time removing noise on the previous shots that I have received from an offshore installation…found old shots from an articulated robotic arm and made a new texture with it.

random shots of a low poly hovercar Ive been creating last month or so :

Cypher Hovercar by Djehan Kidd for Hangars Liquides

Cypher Hovercar by Djehan Kidd for Hangars Liquides

I think I started to think about this special shape for a hovercar when I was about 8 years old so it was cool to finaly materialize it..
off to shooting textures outside

cybercity @ hangars liquides

hangars liquides GFX 2010 by DJEHAN KIDD ©2010

I have just received an exciting and personnal new set of about 200 pictures from a state of the art industrial installation.
Useless to say that I have already started to work on some of them, all in one : an amazing structure full of biomechanixxx and flames, wow.
Talking about textures Im just setting up a set of about 200 textures that I made from scratch during 2008/2009// I will sell it on this website.
stay tuned