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One of the first 3, but definitely today’s largest online cyberpunk city, gracing the name of the experimental art platform that is Hangars Liquides of which I have been the visual artist since almost 13 years. Unlike a game, the artists can shoot and go anywhere around, which means beyond borders, where no one should go/see. I was both shocked and pleased to see a video artist chose such a piece of orchestral music to go with the city. I consider the city a creature in itself and I think it deserves to be graced by neverending beauty just in the name of the people that live their second life in the city, the ones that bring life to data, the ones that talk to artificial intelligence bots about their problems and that can find shelter in zeros and ones. The same people that will give death to post modernism through their love for beauty and by their spirituality through dematerialized digital art.
Hangars Liquides is also the proud digital neighbor of China that hosts the RL China Art Academy, New Media online classes and of Cell that is home of lisper cell. Eternal thanx and love for you guys.
Video from NicoleX.
To all HL fans you keep me going strong.


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