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Monthly Archives: May 2011

When I was a 6 years old kid there was this         atari 800 xl       at home and it could do very fun things. But in order to play games or draw on the screen I had this book       Basic programs book       filled with Basic programs to type into the computer. The screen was looking something like this

Basic programs

Basic programs

. And Lord yes Ive been a patient 6 years old! Going through the trauma of writing these lines everyday! Eventualy enter the RUN command and play my damn games. In the end I started to understand the lines better and discovered things like the variables fun…

And man man man…If I knew someone who could write this all instead of me, he/she would have been my best friend.

My “programing” adventures stopped when a new computer arrived at home. A PC1512 coming with a graphic application where I could draw silly things (mainly nude people) with the mouse and hit the “erase all” button as soon as I could hear someone was coming near by heheheheeee.

Now Im a computer graphic artist, good lord I never write programs anymore and anyways my best friend is a coder!!


About to start day 23. Not much artifacts copy paste allowed, no texture repetition allowed, I don’t want the walls of the hotel rooms to look like the walls from the squats ..well it just makes sense but I wish I could be a magician and click to rez a new magic texture.Everything has to look un-regular so you just don’t rez another wall next to a previous wall and align it. Conclusion building a post apoc city really isn’t the same technical job as Anything else. Amazed by the prim count too Oo this is just unreal Ive been able to keep it LOOOOOW, Thinis is about “quality beats the **** out of quantity” too. well its the morning here and I now may start my day building.

Well, day 13 today, 15 days remaining to finish Thinis.
Building wise is about getting organized with a chaotic environment with the inhability to put an end to actual chaos. Moody wise listening to heavily dark music non stop.
It would be very hard to work with non sculpted prims in there, oh the joy of making everything from scratch = control = lag KickBan also = original content which is important to encourage.
carcass of a human made dinosaur//some parts of the metal could still be hot//ashes are covering the ground//
oh and we need a 2048x-y-z huge prim in the future thanx 🙂

Thinis is produced by Silua Mills

website, RP information, join the crew :

The very eerie machinima by artist ColeMarie Soleil at Thinis :

cheers to everyone really big up! back to building