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One day I decided to break a whole work that took more then a year to accomplish because I had a vision.
Then I started to build a new city. Always with this vision in my mind.
It’s been 22 months that I started the new city, Im running out of ressources to build but still have just enough…and then a miracle, one day I just saw this street drawing itself right in front of my eyes…exactly as I thought it would be.
I am stochastic. The way I work seems like it’s made out of trillion of little points going everywhere, it is….yet they all go in the same direction, my aim which was to create this vision.


You thought there was nothing with more power then the law?
In fact there is something, which is known by every good law expert, this thing is called a principle of law.
The easiest example to define what is a principle of law is about starvation.
One has the right to not let him/herself die. If you find yourself out of food and about to die, by principle of law, you can steal food and a court should consider that you did this to avoid your own death and you should not be punished.
I came to think about principle of laws because I think a lot about the notion of a “private copy”, that anyone should be able to get a private copy of any cultural item, considering the social circumstances surrounding culture nowadays.

-An oligarchist culture-

The music industry for instance. You can bring together all the majors , take their productions all together, the independant music labels are in fact the biggest music production platform worldwide. Still, people don’t get to hear about it, because the independant scene doesn’t have enough marketing budgets behind.
With a marketing budget you will advertise on youtube, on yahoo – I just came to think about google, it’s funny because they don’t advertise for anything on their homepage, and it’s Google, period – . So with a marketing budget you are going to buy ads on yahoo and then because you give them money they will find a reporter to write about you and say enthusiast things, this is an exchange, this is fake journalism. This also happens in your magazines that you think are so underground, independant record labels know about this, you got to pay your ad to get an article. FAKE JOURNALISM FAKE INFORMATION, on your TV, on your webpages, on your newspapers.

So yes, apparently if you follow all these links that are all making you end up on only 3 different artists, yes this gives the impression of a dying culture, really. Focusing on only a few cultural items will make people automaticaly starve for fresh and new things. Focus on diversity, think about biodiversity, our culture is like all other cultures, it is diverse. Don’t lie about this only because you fear people might not like this or that, people are open and want to access a very broad culture. Majors are not intelligent enough anymore but rich enough only to brainwash people with advertising, making them sick and starving for new things.


Fake journalism/information, brainwashing sessions on all media touching everyone with the same content all over the planet. You got people to be disgusted at first then you got them to starve.
It got to the point where they just needeed to grab culture without paying for it, because all of a sudden they realised they were surrounded by it, why would they let their brain die, why would they let themselves be brainwhashed to death?
Our system has created a way to make people suffer from cultural starvation, hence people developped the reflex to intellectualy survive.

I understand the notion of a private copy (I don’t get the whole concept yet, Id need to think about moral rights at first and believe me this is a tricky subject). People don’t want to be thieves, most of them would like to be considered as respectable persons. They just need to survive, with food at first, but humans need culture, this is one of the things that differenciates us from most other species, we need to survive intellectualy too, by principle, and it is a right to get to educate yourself, education is culture. Don’t let the culture die.

NB: I actualy create all of my work that is available  on the web or the grid from scratch. But it’s been a while that I think about this, coming from an independant music label..I had to face moral right issues long even before you started to know what rezzing a prim was lol but I will make other posts on this subject. cheers
Everyone knows about this, even noobs, since everyone is a collateral victim of this bug that is the MOST OBVIOUS bug ever to happen on the grid since it’s the most visual and CONSTANT one and touches everyone be it someone who just brought his/her first hair – and me too. Unfortunately, when I build, this horrible piece of shit effect is getting in the way of everysingle perspective I could ever imagine. There’s not one single day without noticing it to the point when things can get ugly just because of that.
This MUST be solved, it’s been years, SL is about to hit the web, so it’s about time to erase this tiny bug which makes everything go wrong, everyday, everywhere, on everything.
vote for this JIRA. but seriously, this ruins a lot of SL experience, and can directly make someone never come back. How much people got turned off by this ? want more? lol
this must be on top of some todos list seriously.
I need a coffee.

I believe betatest started out on november 8 2010.
Our 3 Hangars Liquides regions have been selected to be one of the very few destinations of the project Skylight.
Then I could be able to start testing things a few days ago.
The experience is smooth, fluid, it has a very stable feel to it.
The default walking animation never looked so good.(lol)
This project has to keep on going, there is no way out of this. It is not possible to not be on the web today, not possible. SL has to be accessible via usual browsers. It’s so obvious that I wont even continue writing this post.

Using V2.3 at the moment, anyone who knows my work is aware that I need a good viewer, no matter what.
It’s working kinda flawless, my fps have been almost doubled, shadows are loading quickly.
And now I just couldn’t use any viewer using the old interface because it’s lowtech. I got addicted to the shared media I couldn’t go back. Replacing plenty of animated textures with real streaming TV channels, the ability to play my own stream when I build etc.
I like the new interface, which has a kind of transparent feel to it, you do not notice it very much, which is good for a developer like me since I want to focus on gfx. They removed the old annoying GUI sounds that was breaking my ears too.
There’s more to say, but Im just waking up.
Conclusion, saying that V2 sux is just about trying to be hype.

djehan kidd

In the picture below, Gerard is the tall smiling guy with his fist up ^^everyone look like they’re having a great time..that was because of Gerard’s good vibes! Miss you Gerard, ur forever in my ❤ and best memories..always gives me a big smile just thinking about you 😀
Gerard, the very tall guy with his fist up, miss u Gerard..<3

tu manques a ceux qui t’aime, les gens que je prefere sont ceux comme toi genereux, heureux avec la volonté de l’etre..
je t’envoie un bisous intemporel recois le de la ou tu es et continues a faire la teuf !!

check this out
ultimately dark cyberpunk city in the movie as well as on the movie poster (yay), and it’s screening kinda EVERYWHERE on the planet (, it just makes my day.
hardcore ravers rulezzzz

building cities towers skyscrapers red white black glue red to sin do not reliate for common emergency

editing this message cuz if Im writing this way it’s Breton and Eluard’s fault, shame on you guys :p

Taking my camera for an afternoon walk, will capture future textures around the old town and the industrial part of Toulon.
Im spending a lot of time removing noise on the previous shots that I have received from an offshore installation…found old shots from an articulated robotic arm and made a new texture with it.

random shots of a low poly hovercar Ive been creating last month or so :

Cypher Hovercar by Djehan Kidd for Hangars Liquides

Cypher Hovercar by Djehan Kidd for Hangars Liquides

I think I started to think about this special shape for a hovercar when I was about 8 years old so it was cool to finaly materialize it..
off to shooting textures outside

cybercity @ hangars liquides

hangars liquides GFX 2010 by DJEHAN KIDD ©2010