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Everyone knows about this, even noobs, since everyone is a collateral victim of this bug that is the MOST OBVIOUS bug ever to happen on the grid since it’s the most visual and CONSTANT one and touches everyone be it someone who just brought his/her first hair – and me too. Unfortunately, when I build, this horrible piece of shit effect is getting in the way of everysingle perspective I could ever imagine. There’s not one single day without noticing it to the point when things can get ugly just because of that.
This MUST be solved, it’s been years, SL is about to hit the web, so it’s about time to erase this tiny bug which makes everything go wrong, everyday, everywhere, on everything.
vote for this JIRA. but seriously, this ruins a lot of SL experience, and can directly make someone never come back. How much people got turned off by this ? want more? lol
this must be on top of some todos list seriously.
I need a coffee.


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